EcoR Tracker Account

What is a 'Tracker Account'

The Tracker Account gives users full access to the Plotting and Tracking interfaces available within the site. Observations are recorded through the Plotting interface and the results can be seen via the Tracking interface.

To purchase a Tracker Account you will need to first register on line.

When you click the button below it will take you to the site Contact us form, please select create an account, supply your name and email address and we will respond and get your Tracker Account started.

Who should consider purchasing a 'Tracker Account'

Tracker Accounts could be used by a variety of groups and individuals, some examples are:

  1. Research groups
  2. Conservation groups
  3. Environmental tour operators

How does the 'Tracker Account' work

The input

Once logged into the site the user can access the 'Plotting interface' which consists of a series of set questions required for each individual siting. To record the position of the siting is by clicking on the easy-to-use map interface.

The output

The other main component of the Tracker Account is the 'Tracking interface' the criteria for searching can be manipulated and the results will appear on the map interface.

For an example of the 'Tracking interface' please see:

With full access to the site your Tracker Account can be configured to your exact requirements, leveraging the site's Taxonomy functionality can allow the names of species for example and other recordable information to be added or modified.

EcoR tracker account

The 'Tracker Account' gives you full access to the Plotting and Tracking interfaces within the EcoRhythm website. Help and advice to manage your account can be provided.
Please go to the 'Support' page and use the contact form to setup an account prior to purchasing.